Tuesday, 18 December 2012


I wrote in my diary this time last year 'Twentytwelve is gonna be the year of the Taylor-Pages'. We had big plans, that little family of mine. Fate, it seems, has a sick sense of humour. Twentytwelve appears to have been a wasted year, where I spent the first half of it sick with pneumonia, then just before the middle hit, just as I was making plans for the kick-ass Summer of picnics and beachtrips and happy childhood memories, we get ditched. I say we, I mean me. I got ditched. My best friend broke my heart. London broke my heart. But us Taylor-Pages, that dwindling family of mine, we bounce back quick, and less than three months after all those horrible days where I didn't eat or sleep or speak much we were here, in our new home, ready to start a new life. And I'll be honest, I didn't love Birmingham right away, and I fell into a worse depression, and the kind of a depression where you're not even sure if there is a light at the end of that metaphorical tunnel, let alone able to visualise it. But I'm there, friends. At the break of twentytwelve, my feet are just starting to touch the ground and my head is just bobbing above that sink or swim line and things are starting to look somewhat rose-tinted.

And as we make plans for twentythirteen, and decide that this time we really will kick-ass, have adventures, live our dreams and as I write in another notebook 'Twentythirteen is gonna be the year of the Taylor-Pages' I'm struck by the realisation that that is exactly what this year was about. See, it is only Vin and I in the entire world that go by this name, Taylor-Page. My ex never took on my maiden name, when I took on his. The Taylor-Pages was only ever me, me and Vinnie. So yes, this year was our year. The year we defined what it is to be a Taylor-Page. The year we re-defined what family means to us. The year we took it all, and we took some more too. We fell out of love and into love and we made some amazing friends and appreciated our amazing family. And while none of my dreams for this year were really accomplished, we owned this year, this little family of mine. 

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